What is Egg Diet?

Eating eggs for breakfast is a norm around the world. They’re served with bacon and toast, in breakfast burritos, “good morning” wraps or just on their own. If enjoying eggs in the morning what most would consider ordinary, what is so extraordinary about the egg diet? Losing weight with this diet implies eating more eggs than just the two or three when you start your day. Most egg diets recommend adding servings of eggs with your lunch or dinner. This is because eggs are loaded with protein, they don’t disturb your sugar levels and they can help you cut calories by filling you up.

Traditional Egg Diet

A traditional egg diet suggests eating 1-2 eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They should be supplemented with other foods like fish, chicken and vegetables. Vegetables should be low in carbohydrates and these include Brussels sprouts, spinach, Romaine lettuce, kale and celery. Veggies should ideally be eaten in the morning with either chicken or fish. The rest of the meals should consist of eggs and lean protein from fish, turkey or chicken.

Other Egg Diet Variations

egg dietAnother variation of the diet involves eating eggs with half a grapefruit at every meal. In other words, you can eat three balanced meals of lean protein, starch and fat but consume eggs and grapefruit before or during meals. In any version of the egg diet, how they are prepared is very important. Scrambling eggs is discouraged unless it is with olive or canola oil. Otherwise, serving them boiled or raw is preferred. You can also make omelettes and stuff them with green vegetables, mushrooms and tomatoes. Years ago, extreme diets of eating eggs only used to be the rage. Today, research has confirmed that this is very unhealthy and can bring about quite a few undesirable side effects.
Eggs are a great diet food because they are a source of protein, which makes you feel fuller for longer and is good for building lean muscle. One hard-boiled egg can contain 70-90 calories which will create the deficit in your calorie intake needed to lose weight. They are also low in fat, creating the perfect equation of more protein and less fat in your diet.

Scepticsms about the Egg Diet

Although experts do confirm that consuming eggs for breakfast can lead to steady weight loss, they warn that egg diets exclude several food groups that are essential for energy and good health. Also, getting enough protein and minimising carbohydrates is an effective formula for slimming. However, consuming such a small amount of carbs can cause fatigue which prevents exercise. It is believed that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, which rules the diet out as a long term solution.

There’s a major difference between enjoying an egg breakfast a few times a week and being on an egg diet. The former won’t make much of a difference to your waistline but will keep you full for longer regardless. The latter is a somewhat drastic inclusion of eggs in your diet, which suppresses your appetite, supplies protein and should not be continued for more than 7 days.

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