Tracy Anderson diet

The Tracy Anderson diet is a meal plan that places special emphasis on teaching you how to eat well while losing weight simultaneously. It requires some discipline and focus to complete because of its dynamic nature. Food choices and the amount of times you eat change on a weekly basis. The meals are all already determined and all you have to do is to adhere to instructions and track your weight loss closely. Anderson makes it clear that it is not for short term use but rather an education on how to eat best for your health.

Tracy Anderson diet schedule

The first detail of the plan is the biweekly schedule. One week is dedicated to giving you a nutrition boost while the second week focuses on what she calls the body reset. This diet lasts as long as you need to get used to new eating habits and patterns. You have the 90 day, 60 day and 30 day option. This means the nutrition boost and body reset will alternate until your chosen diet period expires.

Tracy Anderson DietThe nutrition boost week is a form of detoxification and involves eating six small meals a day. Green juice is the first item on the menu for breakfast, followed by a lunch, dinner and snacks of chestnut pudding, high-protein chicken soup, applesauce, kiwi basil or gazpacho. The body reset week of the Tracy Anderson diet needs you to eat three meals a day instead of six. A body reset breakfast is also green juice. The meal options for lunch and supper of protein and fruit are eggs, turkey bacon, berries, apples, chicken breasts, tofu, tuna, spinach, kale, peppers, tomatoes, celery and radishes. Protein bars and rolls are also thrown into the diet as meal replacements or snacks. Recipes are provided for your convenience.

Fluid intake

Drinking water is a must to see maximum results. Herbal tea is encouraged as long as it’s not sweetened or has added flavor from lemons, honey and so forth. All alcohol is not allowed except for a glass or two of red wine occasionally. Food should not be prepared with table sugar, salt, other seasonings or oil. If finding an ingredient in the recipe proves difficult, you can replace it with another food provided it is nutritionally similar to the first.

The Tracy Anderson diet has aspects to it that makes it an effective weight loss and management plan. The chosen meals when eaten together allow a low but satisfactory calorie intake. Foods are wonderful sources of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Because the food is nutritious and filling, you will become less hungry throughout the day and have enough energy for light to moderate exercise. Both the nutrition and body reset week eating patterns are great for revving up the metabolism and burning calories. The diet gives you guidelines on what and how you should eat for life.

This diet is definitely for those who are in no hurry to lose a lot of weight. With patience and dedication, you can achieve a leaner body by the book.

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