Bee pollen diet

Bee pollen is believed by some researchers to be a miraculous super-food that can do anything – from treating a wide range of chronic conditions to losing weight. It didn’t take long before the bee pollen diet was created and became a recommended supplement in daily diets. The nutrients found in the substance are too many to mention but the main components include amino acids and over 30 vitamins and minerals. Researchers also claim that is contains certain substances that can speed up metabolism and control your appetite. Are the benefits of bee pollen too good to be true?

Although there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, it doesn’t hurt to explore the alleged benefits it has on the body. Bee pollen is rich in amino acids which are known for giving you the sensation of feeling full after eating. This means when it is taken as a supplement, you can expect to be hungry less often which helps with overeating. Bee pollen is also said to have phenylalanine, which decreases your appetite and lends a further helping hand to controlling your calorie intake. One of the most impressive claims made has to be its effect on the metabolism. Not only does it speed up it up, but the pollen also dissolves fat deposits to faster for a slimmer body.

bee pollen diet

Bee pollen diet is effective

The bee pollen diet is not only useful for losing weight. Many consume it to reduce the symptoms of heart disease, eczema, joint pain, constipation, diarrhea, urinary problems, premature aging and nose bleeds. Another benefit of bee pollen is its effect on skin, hair and nails. It is believed to nourish follicles and promote healthy growth. If you are pregnant or have a pollen allergy, it is best to stay away from this substance. To include it in your diet, take the supplements with water for better absorption. There is no recommended time you can take it.

Make sure that any bee pollen supplements you take meet the GMP dietary standards to protect yourself from harmful counterfeits. Not exceeding the recommended dosage is important because an overdose can potentially result in damage to vital organs like the liver and kidney. It is advisable that you should not spend more than 30 days on the bee pollen diet. Even though records that detail the effects of prolonged use of bee pollen are rare, stick to the diet for only a month. This is because if it begins to affect your body negatively, it might take a long time before you see any symptoms externally.

Because of insufficient research data, separating fact from fiction in the bee pollen diet is difficult. Positive claims are usually part of advertising campaigns from competitive brands and negative feedback from researchers ignores personal testimonials. Many who have incorporated pollen supplements into their regimen are happy with the drastic improvements to their well-being. On the other hand, the positive results might caused by a placebo effect on those who choose to believe it works.

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