What is the 1000 Calorie Diet?

Once in a while, losing weight becomes a matter of urgency. Whether you need to lose weight fast before undergoing surgery or you just need to fit into jeans, the 1000 calorie diet could be just what you need. The science behind weight loss is easy: burn more than what you eat. In other words, to shed pounds, you should cut down your calorie intake and increase any form of exercise. This diet plan is based on that very principle; however there are some serious rules to follow in order for it to be effective and to protect your health.

How does it work? The 1000 calorie diet is a weight loss meal plan designed to be used for an extremely short period of time. For less than a week, you follow a strict menu that contains nutritious food. The food is nutrient-packed to prevent your body from going into starvation mode and to keep your energy levels up. By drastically cutting down on calories without starving, your body will continue to burn the amount of fat it normally does each day. As a result, you will lose weight.1000 Calorie Diet

Let’s use an example. If your body burns 1800 calories a day without exercise, consuming 1000 calories means you will lose 800 calories worth of weight in one day you’re on the diet.

If you’ve been around the weight loss block, you know that women need to consume 1200 calories and men 1600 calories daily at the least. This is regardless of your fitness level and lifestyle. If you go below these numbers, your metabolism eventually slows down and you can cause damage to your health. So why is the 1000 calorie diet even an option? By giving your body the nutrition it needs, you can trick your metabolism into functioning normally only for a few days. In that very short period, women can lose up to 4 lbs and men up to 5 lbs.

It is very important to remember that this diet is only effective for a few days. It’s not a long term solution at all. If you continue with the meal plan for longer than 7 days, your metabolism will slow down significantly, causing your body to hang on to your fat instead of burning it.

What kind of foods do you eat while on this diet? Meal plans vary. A basic breakfast might include a small banana and a couple of slices of whole wheat bread. A typical lunch would include fish and a salad and for dinner, chicken breast and vegetables. Snacks can range from yoghurt to fresh fruit. Having the right portions is crucial because an oversized serving could easily increase the amount of calories.

Whatever your reason for losing weight, you should never begin the 1000 calorie diet without consulting your doctor. The diet could have no side effects whatsoever for some and devastating effects on others. It depends on your age, gender, weight, medical history, frame and many other factors.

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