The Cohen Diet Plan

If you’ve tried a few diet programs on your own and haven’t really been satisfied with the results, don’t you think its high-time that you try the Cohen Diet program which customizes your eating plan according to results of your blood work? You know for a fact that not all diet plans are meant for everyone. It’s hard to find something that’s really suited to your specific problems. The Cohen Diet plan is one of the few diet programs out there that professes to deal with your weight loss goal with success.

What makes the Cohen Diet Program successful?

The key success factor of the Cohen Diet Plan is that it’s individualized, customized and personalized based on the laboratory test results that you submit to the team who handles your case. You can expect the doctors to create an eating plan that considers your weight loss goal, your timetable and your needs. All you need to do is follow it to the letter, make no excuses and stick with the program.
What can you expect from the Cohen Diet Plan?

The most unique and attractive factor to the Cohen Diet Plan is its individualized plan. You know that it’s going to work. You can’t say that the program didn’t work because it wasn’t suitable for you. With the Cohen Diet Plan, you can expect that your eating program is meant for you and you alone. No eating program is the same because everyone who’s into the program has different needs and different approaches to their goals.Cohen Diet Plan

You can expect that the theory behind the eating plan is sound and is based on actual medical research. Though the concept of the Cohen Diet initially started out as a discovery from Dr. Rami Cohen’s own research and work as an OB-Gyn, he personally took it upon himself to study different food groups to understand how each interacts with the chemicals in the body. The theory is backed by 25 years of research in the USA, Europe and South Africa.

What you can’t expect to do, which is rather surprising too, is exercise with this program. Unlike other diet programs where they incorporate stages of exercise to get the body into shape, the Cohen Diet believes in the power of food to make to you lose weight and keep it off without the benefit of exercises.

Also, a great thing about the Cohen Diet is that you don’t have to take any pills. You don’t have to undergo any surgeries for sculpting your body. You don’t have to find expensive food to follow your eating program. You can eat food that comes straight from your own personal stock which is a big plus too because the eating plan doesn’t have to be expensive for you to follow.

The Cohen Diet Plan actually prepares you for a change in lifestyle because you will be following a strict routine over a relatively long period of time. Getting used to the servings and choices in food will actually go a long way in helping you maintain your new body too.


  1. Hi. I am in desperate need of loosing 30kg’s in 3 months in order to go for back surgery and the specialist won’t do the back fusion until I weigh 52kg’s.
    Very stressed and very sore!

  2. Want to lose sbout 40 + kg.. need help pls.

  3. I have done the Cohen diet and it’s an amazing diet if you follow it PRECISELY. You can expect to loose a lot of weight in a relative short time. It does take will power – because it’s a strict diet, but the results are totally worth it. Sadly I fell back into my bad habits. Going overseas in May, so will start Cohen again to get rid of the extra kilos. It’s the only diet where I have actually lost weight all over and on the right places. I have felt great whilst being on the programme. Give it a try. If you are serious…You won’t regret it

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