Skinny Girl Diet Review

You have to admit that at one point in your life, you have considered undertaking a diet plan or a diet program. For reasons that may be different for each person, there has always been a time when you thought of going on a diet to lose weight. Either the years have caught up with your metabolism and the pounds seemed to pile on or you have stopped with your exercise regimen and just became lazy to continue it. Now, you feel that it’s the perfect time to go on a diet again and you’re looking for one that’s supposed to guarantee great results.

The Skinny Girl Diet plan is something akin to the ABC Diet. The ABC (Ana Boot Camp) Diet is also known as a pro-anorexic diet plan because you only consume between 400-800 calories in a day. On some days, you also need to fast. The theory is that since you’re lessening the calorie intake on a daily basis, you’re tricking your brain into shutting down your body and slow down your metabolism. Since you only consume less than the average calorie numbers daily, it is expected that your body will get rid of the fat so you lose weight.

Skinny Girl Diet Review

With the Skinny Girl diet, you don’t need to be as drastic as that. You can consume between 400-700 calories in a day for 30 days, with the weekends allowing you a max of 650-700. Another plus with the Skinny Girl Diet is that fruits and vegetables don’t count into your caloric total so you can eat as much of it as you see fit.
Since you can eat fruits and veggies unlimited daily, the problem with you being hungry becomes moot, even if you have a caloric limit. That is already an advantage over the ABC Diet which simply stops you from eating. You can also expect to lose weight immediately given that you’re really basically starving yourself for the initial run of the program so your body will burn through the fat in no time.

However, the problem with this kind of diet is that it can be hard to sustain for the duration. You will constantly have to keep a lookout for your food’s caloric information. If you’re not familiar with this, you still need to either go to a nutritionist for advice on what foods to eat or simply search around the Internet for the information.

Undoubtedly, you may need to be creative in combining the types of food that you can eat in a day in order to meet your caloric limit. You also need to curb your cravings if you want to succeed with this plan. The moment that you binge because you’ve been starving and craving for food that you used to eat, then you’ll probably have to start over in order for the program to work its magic. It’s not that easy to do and you may fall once or twice. Stress may also trigger you to break so you have to watch out for that.

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