Is the Ayurvedic Diet Effective?

While most diets on the market today are fairly new, the ayurvedic diet is one of the few that dates centuries back. It is a health and well-being practice with roots in India. This ancient Indian practice is based on the premise that there cannot be one diet for everyone. Instead, people should strive to […]

The ABC Diet Explained

The ABC diet is one of the top most controversial meal plans in circulation. This is partly due to its pro-anorexic nature and experts are working to discourage dieters from following it. Also called the Ana Boot Camp diet, it involves cutting down your caloric intake drastically in order to achieve quick weight loss. While […]

Should You Try the Baby Food Diet?

While the creator of the baby food diet is still unknown, it hasn’t stopped this meal plan from going global. From fitness trainers to celebrities, millions of people are looking to baby food as a low calorie replacement for their meals. For some, eating jars of baby food to lose weight seems far-fetched, but for […]

Pros and Cons of the Apple Diet

The apple diet is a low-calorie meal plan that has been around for a good number of years. It has been endorsed by both dieters and a handful of experts. Fast and effective, it can help those in need of shedding a few pounds to lose weight in a short space of time. However, with […]

How to Lose Weight with the ADA Diet

Upon research, many people are surprised to find that there is no ADA diet. This is because there is no detailed meal plan that outlines what people should and should not eat. Any meal plan that exists is some form of a diabetic diet. The ADA diet is, therefore, a dietary strategy that helps diabetics […]

Is The ABC Diet Safe?

In the quest to find effective weight loss solutions, diets are more radical and extreme than ever before. One of these solutions is the ABC diet. This meal plan is often described as anorexic because of the consumption of very few calories. It is designed to be a short-term eating plan that helps overweight people […]

Does the Apple Diet Really Work?

Apples have evolved from being an item in a healthy meal plan to becoming a diet on their own. The apple diet is a weight loss meal plan that uses the fruit as a meal replacement. Dieters are encouraged to substitute their meals for as many apples as they can eat, to achieve fast weight […]

Does the ADA Diet Exist?

While others call the ADA diet a myth, others argue that it is more like an eating strategy for people suffering from diabetes. Believed to have been created by the American Diabetes Association, the ADA diet is a meal plan or a set of eating strategies that focus on controlling blood sugar levels. This meal […]

Can You Lose Weight on the Baby Food Diet?

It’s not hard to see why the baby food diet might be dismissed as yet another weight loss gimmick. Many might be surprised, however, at how popular this meal plan is becoming among dieters and celebrities. Using baby food as a meal alternative, the baby food diet aims to cut calories and help you get […]